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Bjōrn Glagol Seatpost

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The Bjōrn Glagol Seatpost

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A seatpost should be simple. Slide it in, secure a saddle, and that should be that. But sadly, that's not the story with most seatposts. Often, they creak, slip, try to be too fancy, or simply spoil the aesthetics of an otherwise harmonious build. If you’re even the least bit discerning, it’s not easy to find a good seatpost.

Over the years, we’ve found a few jewels and, in recent times, added to our collection with the Glagol seatpost by Bjōrn.

The Glagol is a lightweight carbon fibre seatpost well-suited to road, gravel, cyclocross, or cross-country endeavors and a great match for saddles with and without a cutout.

With its smart, two-bolt design and wide clamp area, the Glagol is simple and confidence-inspiring to fit, adjust and tighten. Plus, the bolts are angled, making it easy to maneuver, even with the setback model.

Last, but not least, the Glagol is gorgeous. Tone-on-tone graphics, the perfect black and no monstrous brand name. All hail Slovenia.



  • A lightweight carbon fibre seatpost for road, gravel and cyclocross pursuits
  • Smart, two-bolt design
  • Understated aesthetics 
  • Made in Slovenia
  • Weight: 98 to 135 grams depending on characteristics
  • Max. permissible total weight (rider + saddle bag): 120 kg
  • Material: Carbon
  • Hardware: Gr5 titanium PVC coated
  • Min. insert: 70 mm

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