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Vamoots RSL: The Lightest & Stiffest Moots Road Frame Ever

Anthony Little |

If you’ve been into the shop, you know it’s no secret that we’ve got a little thing for Moots frames. They feature unmatched workmanship, a timeless design and, above all, an incredible ride quality. Not just incredible compared to most bikes, but incredible when compared to any other titanium bike on the market! So when the guys from Steamboat Springs introduce their lightest and stiffest road frame ever, we tend to pay attention.

John from Moots says the new Vamoots RSL (Race Super Light), which was introduced at the annual ‘Interbike’ industry trade show in Las Vegas last month, weighs just 1,180-grams (or 2.6-pounds) and is the stiffest Moots road frame ever thanks to an oversized and heavily manipulated custom tubeset. Stiffness is boosted thanks to the use of an oversized, BB30 standard bottom bracket design—which means that only certain cranks can be used with the RSL. One very noteworthy exception to the ‘burly’ adjective are the 6/4 titanium seat stays which are pinner little things that do little more than support the rear dropouts and provide a place to hang the rear brake. When you make the rest of the bike ultra stiff, you can build some extra compliance and trim weight with the rear stays.

Cost for this bad boy is going to be around $4300 and, yes, the standard Moots lifetime warranty applies.

Call us at the shop to get your order in now. Frames should begin shipping in extremely limited numbers next February.
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