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So far it’s a solo ride.

Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds Day 1 - A Passionate Pink GT-1

Michael Webber |

Starting out this year's Twelve, we have a not-so-standard GT-1 from Mosaic. The raw titanium finish accented prominently with the black powder-coated logos and matching headbadge. Tying in an auxiliary color came quickly in the design phase of this build, nicely nudged by the new Matte Punch headset, hubs, and bottom bracket by Chris King drove the palette choice for Spectrum's Telemagenta on the inside of the fork legs and that snappy ENVE fork hose band. This rider opted for the near seamless look of the integrated seatpost topper that we feel finishes this build like a boss. The elegant Zipp carbon cockpit aesthetically pairs well with the subltly of the Alto CCX40 carbon rims. As the rider's initial foray into the gravel format, pairing it up with modest 30mm rubber made the vitamin-G venture that much easier. Enjoy these complementing colors and exciting eTap build, we do every time we see this local rider out and about!

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