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So far it’s a solo ride.

Today's ride & our new BMC Team Machine

Anthony Little |

We really needed to get a report out due to our absence the last couple of weeks, sorry about that! Kris (our tech) is in Bend OR right now racing at the National Championships. A pretty damn good showing in the TT there w/ a 12th place finish as well. Only about 40 seconds off the podium. He did the Elkhorn Stage Race the weekend prior, a great, great race and something that should go on every roadies calendar at least once.
Here is a quick report on building my (and the shops) brand new BMC Team Machine. We've been selling them out for the past couple months, and finally got an extra one in that we could finally put through the paces and tell you about instead of relying on what others are saying, as good as that may be...

Drinking Leffe and building bikes, yep, nothing has changed. But don't freak out, I was building my own bike, so it would be my ass if I forgot to tighten something...

The interestingly shaped fork and seat post, two of the three parts that make up the Tuned Compliance Concept (TCC). TCC, fancy marketing department acronym speak, or real world benefit to the end user? Will find out soon enough. But everyone who has purchased one from us so far definitely has been the latter.
Here is how we built the bike:
  • 50cm frame set, 923g for the frame (with cage bolts, cable guide, derailleur hanger... 325g for the fork and 240g for the post. Interesting numbers but pretty useless as the end number is what we are really looking for and even then, it's the legs that matter, right? But still, light is nice...
  • Campagnolo Chorus, 170mm cranks in 53X39 paired w/ a 12X27 cassette for training. But since all I do right now is train, 12X27 year around I guess!
  • 3T Pro stem and Rotundo Pro bar. Super basic and reasonably inexpensive, plus as you will find out we needed all the help we could get to ADD weight!
  • Fizik Antares OO saddle. Currently my saddle of choice, feels nice but looks baddass...
  • Speedplay Ti Zero pedals
  • Arundel cages
  • Lightwieght Standard wheels. Yes, the nicest wheels I've EVER used. And I've tried them all. Will do a full write-up on those sometime soon...
  • Continental Competition tires, 110psi front and rear but want to try running a tad lower...

-17 degree, 14cm 3T ARX Pro stem (custom finished!) allows me to fit on the 50cm frame even though I'm over 5'10". Will settle w/ 2cm of spacers. If I wasn't going to use this as a demo bike for the shop I'd stick on the 84degree stem w/ zero spacers for a more pleasing aesthetic. Rotundo bars are simple, feel nice look classic and pro and work well for me personally.

The end result. First impression? SMOOTH. Smoothest bike I've ever been on, by far! Oh, and LIGHT, 14.26lbs fully loaded, with chorus! Yeah, and Lightweights, but you can get lighter (but no where near as nice) wheels for much, much less. So, if all I was worried about was a number, I could go so much lower. But I'm not. This is a ROAD racing bike, a century bike and long ride bike. It'll hold it's own in a crit, but if you are a dedicated crit racer, hop on the BMC Race Master. The BMC Engineers nailed it big time here and the Marketing guys came up w/ the acronym, TCC... We have a few of these in stock now, a 47cm in Red and then a 47cm, 50cm (this one), 53cm, 57cm and a 60cm all in White. Give us a call or stop by to check it out and learn more...

And then there is this:


Thanks for reading!

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