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So far it’s a solo ride.

The wait has ended: Introducing Fizik shoes, at Above Category now!

Anthony Little |

In all fairness the wait really hasn't been too bad. In bike world time, it was actually pretty quick. Fizik made the major announcement that they were going to start making shoes at about Eurobike time, or at least that's when we saw some of the first pictures of them. We have been like little kids waiting for Christmas ever since.
So, I guess that February 16 is kind of like Christmas as we just received the first part of our order! We received the shoes you see below which are the R3 Uomo in white/black and red and the R3 Donna in black/crema. We'll have proper photo's up soon. The R1's should be here mid March by the way.

Just a start. We received pretty much every size of the Uomo R3 and Donna R3 in today so come on by and take a look or try a pair on.

The box

The box minus cover...

The box, opened. Cool box actually, packaged well...

And there you go, your very own pair of Fizik Uomo shoes ready to be put to use! Give us a shout with any questions!
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