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So far it’s a solo ride.

The Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds: Day Ten

Anthony Little |

DAY TEN: Colorado X Canada Crimson Collab

When Canada comes calling, Mosaic answers. The finest titanium in America dances north to the border at VeloColour for a stunning crimson paint job in a scheme apropos of our Maple Leaf-addled raconteur partners. This is the Boulder-based builder's flagship Mosaic RT-1 road bicycle, built with Vincenza's finest - Campagnolo's under-heralded Super Record EPS. Does it have wires? Yes. Do we judge? Sort of - but the draw of Apennine lust, induced by a three-decade old obsession with road bikes, especially road bikes from the old country, overcomes nine times out of ten.


Custom-laced wheels are the norm, never the exception in the Twelve Days. Today's assembly? Petaluma's own White Industries to Indianapolis' Zipp 303 hoops. At Above Category, we still view wheels like we view frames - a bespoke endeavor, complete divination for every individual.
img_6510 img_6481 img_6418
VeloColour makes sure each detail is individually masked - decals are totally and completely eschewed.



Super Record will almost always tug at our heartstrings. The unique character of Campagnolo is the fascia of the brand that seems outmoded in a modern world, but endearing to occasional retro-grouches like ourselves, and we feel Vicenza's componentry goes toe-to-toe with the competition when it comes to pure functionality.
img_6463 img_6382 img_6369 img_6365
The end result is the incredible culmination of plenty of collaborative effort between Above Category in Sausalito, California, Mosaic Cycles in Boulder, Colorado, and VeloColour, in Toronto, Ontario. A custom-butted titanium masterpiece that we'll always reference going forward. In a word, timeless.
The end is nigh! The next two days of builds are sure to satisfy as we cross both neighboring oceans to cap 2016 with a bang.
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