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So far it’s a solo ride.

The Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds: Day Four – Mosaic's XT-1 Weapon

Anthony Little |

The hour is nigh - Christmas morning is but a week away. If you're one of the unorganized, like yours truly, you're hitting the panic button, frantically mailing cards and buying gifts. If, on the other hand, you're not - you passed handwriting with flying colors, your desktop is kept meticulously clean, and you sort your toolbox by type, size, and color, today's Breathtaking Build from Boulder-based Mosaic Cycles might be up your alley.

You see, Mosaic is one of the most meticulous, one of the most organized, one of the most punctual custom builders around, and we're betting their holiday shopping is done. It's a big reason we're really pleased to have the opportunity to work with them, and why this XT-1, their top-shelf cyclocross bike, is featured today. This one was built with geometry somewhere between gravel bike and cyclocross racer, but with Mosaic's stiffer race tubeset. The build is understated and purposeful, a gun taken to a knife fight. A full Ultegra Di2 disc group handles going and stopping, while HED Belgium rims are laced up to our perennial favorite White Industries hubs, and...surprise! A complete Fi'zi:k 00 carbon cockpit. But, like most of the bikes of the Twelve Days, this one has some special touches that really set it off. The obvious - an integrated seatpost with Mosaic's gorgeous titanium topper. Then, a custom-fabricated Di2 battery mount that slips into the ISP. Dura-Ace skewers keep things tight at the hubs, and legendary King stainless steel cages keep bottles in place over any terrain this XT-1 visits.

For tomorrow's bike, we jump back across the pond to Italy, with a definite Above Category Californian spin. Don't miss it.












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