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The Mosaic Batch Built Program

Peter Harrington |

If you're motivated to move on a Mosaic but aren't so keen on the timeline for a custom frame, you need to know about the Colorado brand's Batch Built initiative. For riders who rock a stock frame size, Mosaic's 'no wait' program provides a substantial shortcut to getting the bike of your dreams.

The Batch Built program covers Mosaic's road-going RT-2, the rocky-road delight that is the GT-2, and the singletrack sidewinder, the MT-2.

Here's how it works. Choose your model, pick a stock size, and opt for the included basic raw finish, or go for one of the brand's Standard Layout finishes for a $1200 upcharge. After which, your Mosaic will ship within days, ready to build into your dream bike at Above Category.

For a little more money down, all stock sizes can turn into custom geometry machines, which is an excellent route if you'd like something a little more tailored without stumping for the cost of a 1-series machine.

The Mosaic Finishwork Program

There are a lot of options. Let's break it down.

Standard Raw - Included

At the most basic, there is the raw finish, a media-blasted satin base with smaller, lightly brushed logos. If you don't choose one of the upcharge finish options below, this is what you'll get included with the price of your 2-Series frame.


A raw titanium logo, "knocked out" from a coat of matte pearl metallic paint. This option adds $1200 to the cost of your Mosaic.

Mosaic Knockout Finish


Three colors, faded together from the top down. Go wild with your three favorites, or keep it simple and analogous with three similar shades. Gloss or matte, it's up to you. This option adds $1200 to the cost of your Mosaic.

Mosaic Tri-Fade Finish


Two colors faded from the top down. Whether you go high contrast or something a bit more subtle, two-color fades are a Mosaic staple. Gloss or matte finish options available. This option adds $1200 to the cost of your Mosaic.

Mosaic Fade Finish

Two Tone

Pick two, and roll with it. A high-contrast two-tone layout gives a modern yet timeless look. Choose from Mosaic's range of Pearl Metallic & Solid colors in both gloss and matte. This option adds $1200 to the cost of your Mosaic.

Mosaic Two-Tone Finish

Mosaic Factory Finish

Essentially a Raw+ finish, the Factory option describes a media blasted base finish complemented with outlined, brushed logos for a modern take on raw titanium.

Cockpit Series

A fun color-pop options that lets loose on the industrial-chic aesthetic of a raw titanium frame.

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