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All of the Builders, All of the Bikes, All Under One Roof: The Enve Builders Summit

Derek Yarra |

This is the third and final installment from our visit to Enve earlier this month. ICYM check the previous entries here: Premium Performance Built in the USA and here: Diving Blind into Utah's Prime Gravel.

You might be wondering what exactly we were doing out in Utah in the first place. Surely we didn't go all that way just to watch raw carbon become race wheels or challenge ourselves in the dirt, right? To be honest, I'd have been perfectly happy with just that, but there was indeed a bigger reason for our journey out there. Enve invited us out for what they coined "The Enve Builders Summit."

Enve Builders summit

Enve had put a call out to a sizable group of bicycle builders to gather at their Utah headquarters. Some builders young and fresh into their careers, others well established legends in the scene. Builders of all styles and scales were invited to convene for the weekend and discuss key topics in the world of bespoke bicycles with each other and a very attentive group of Enve engineers, earnestly taking notes on how to better cater to the important market of custom bicycles.

Enve Builders summit

As the discussion groups wound down, the afternoon shifted into an open house. Enve invited the public in for drinks, live music, and a showcase of custom bikes. Essentially a scaled back NAHBS, the Enve Builders Summit gave people a chance to see the bikes up close and talk shop with the builders.

enve builders summit showcase open house

Carbon bikes, steel bikes, titanium bikes. Road bikes, gravel bikes, mountain bikes. There was something there for everyone, and it was great to see how diverse the creativity in making something as simple as a bicycle can be. 

enve builders summit bikes

While every bike there was beautiful, there were a few that were of particular interest to us. For starters, our friends at Mosaic Cycles brought their recently launched steel bike—the return of the RS-1. Modern tubing, a tapered headtube, and the immaculate welding Mosaic has always been known for. The old RS-1 was one of our all time favorite bikes and we're excited about this modernized rendition. 

mosaic RS1 enve builders summit

Next up was the Prova Speciale. If you follow our social channels, you've probably seen a couple bikes from this pioneering, Australian builder in our feed. We'll take this chance to informally announce that Above Category is officially supplying Prova Cycles to North America. 3D printed lugs, hand laid carbon seat mast, tig welded and silver soldered steel tubing... the steel Speciale is one of the most unique bikes out there and this one was a crowd pleaser at the show.

enve builders summit prova

Lastly, another bike builder we'd like to make an announcement on. Above Category is also proud to be the North American importer of Italian handcrafted bicycles from Sarto. We partnered with Sarto to design this show bike, a Seta Plus. The latest model in their line up, the Seta Plus is totally modern road bike with racey geometry, fully integrated cable routing, and clearance for up to 35c tires. 

enve builders summit sarto

Craft beer was on tap, a gourmet taco truck was out back, and live music was flowing into the night. Enve pulled out all the stops throwing this open house bike show. It was great to see that the community of custom bike builders is alive and thriving and was even better to see a company like Enve putting so much support into it all.

enve builders summit beers and music

enve builders summit evening showers


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