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So far it’s a solo ride.

The Dogma Shootout - F10, F10d, and K10 Head to Head

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“What do you mean which Dogma do I want?" "They make more than one?"  "I want the one that they use to win the Tour.” Those are the things we usually hear when we ask which model of Pinarello Dogma they are thinking about.  Looking around the web there actually is not much information on the different models and we really have not found a good review of each model and how they relate to each other and ultimately, which one would be best for how and where you ride.  

We are looking to do something about that.  First, a little history on us and the Pinarello Dogma.  We’ve been riding this bike from the beginning.  We don’t remember what year we got our first one, but we do know that it was not made from carbon fiber.  It was made from what was supposed to be the next magic material, Magnesium.  And it was great.  It also shows how Pinarello has always looked in other directions and has a long history of innovation.  This is definitely not a follow the pack company.


Pinarello Carbon Bicycle in Above Category

pinarello dogma f10 carbon bike team sky group of dogmas

Moving forward, we would always buy the latest Dogma frame and then sell it at the end of the year and then do it all over again, year after year.  So, we’ve seen and more importantly felt the differences through the years which gives us at Above Category a leg up when helping you decide on the best way to go.  

On to 2019 and we are confident in saying that the F10 is the best version of the Dogma yet.  But which version?  This brings us to this Dogma vs. Dogma vs. Dogma test.  We built up three different versions of the Pinarello Dogma, the F10, F10 disc, and the K10.  We know that there are even more out there in the K10 disc and the K10S (which we rode last year).  We’ll be riding each bike for a couple of weeks in all weather and courses to get a good feel and then at the end ride each one back to back on a set course with varied terrain and road surfaces and see what shakes out.  This is not a test to see which one is best as they are each great bikes, but which we feel works best over the course of time and the types of conditions that the average rider faces.

pinarello dogma f10 carbon team sky profile

Pinarello Dogma F10:

This is the one that everyone knows, the one that was under the winner of the Tour de France the past couple of years.  This will be our benchmark and the one we’ll start with.  We built it with Campagnolo’s new Super Record 12 speed mechanical group and new 60mm deep Bora WTO wheels.

pinarello dogma f10 carbon team sky details

pinarello dogma f10d disc brake carbon team sky profile

Pinarello Dogma F10 Disc:

We’ll move on to this one and see what we think about the F10 with added brake power.  Is that extra weight worth it?  Is it necessary for the kind of riding we do?  Stuff like that.  We built this with SRAM’s E-Tap Hydro group and Zipp 454 tubular wheels.

pinarello dogma f10d disc brake carbon team sky details

pinarello dogma k10 carbon team sky profile

Pinarello Dogma K10:

 We’ll finish up with the K10.  We went with the rim brake version as we (Chad) still think that for pure road bikes weight is more important than slightly better stopping power (but we’ll see how that holds up soon enough).  This bike was built with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 and Dura-Ace C40 tubular wheels and wider rubber than on the other two.  This is Pinarello’s bike for the Belgian Classics, or anywhere that has less than ideal roads.  This is almost everywhere we ride so we always wonder why this is not the most popular Dogma.  We’ll give it a good go and see if it does offer an improvement.

pinarello dogma f10 carbon team sky details
We'll be posting updates as Chad puts the miles in on Instagram(@AC_ONEZERO and @ABOVECATEGORY) and FB and with an updated entry on each bike in the journal in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and as always, let us know any questions or comments you have. Thanks and enjoy the ride!
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