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The Campagnolo Chronicles: Ten of Our Most Memorable Campagnolo Builds

Derek Yarra |

We've been long time lovers of all things Campagnolo since the beginning. If the neon sight hanging in our studio doesn't to prove it, we don't know what else will. We've done a lot of Campy equipped bikes over the years and figured now is a perfect time to dig through the archives and look back at some of our all time favorite Camapagnolo builds. 

campagnolo header

A Red Pegoretti Love #3 Catch the Spider

Kicking the party off, we look back at this Dario Pegoretti Love #3. Few things are a sstunning as this bright red Catch the Spider paint scheme. We built this one up in 2016 with an 11s Record drive train and even topped if off with a set of Bora 35 wheels. 

love #3 CTSlove #3 CTS campagnolo recordlove #3 cts bora

A Clean White Dogma F8

In 2014, Pinarello launched the Dogma F8 and we wasted no time building one up in proper AC style. We had this frame custom painted in crisp white so the build kit could do the talking. Super Record, a Deda cockpit, and the ultimate flex—Lightweight Fernweg wheels. Damn that think was fast.

white dogma F8

dogma f8 white campagnolo

A Champagne Baum Corretto 

Cin-Cin everyone. This Buam Corretto deserves a toast. Champagne paint, custom Chris King wheels, and of course a mechanical Super Record 11 kit through and through.

champagne corretto

champagne corretto campagnolo

An AC X Parlee Kamasu

Here's a fun piece of AC history. Back around 2013, we did a limited run colaboration bike with Parlee. Dubbed "Kamasu" and based on a Z5, these things were light, fast, and looked straight up pro. This one here was built with a 11 speed electronic Record group and sported a set of deep Enve wheels. We miss these things!

parlee kamasu campagnolo

A Blue 'Why Not?' Pegoretti Marcelo

Buckle up everyone, we're about to jump in a time machine. Get a load of this Pegoretti Marcelo from 2006. How about that 10s Record drive train and those alloy cranks! believe it or not, this bike is still getting plenty of road time. It's been rebuilt a few times (still with Campagnolo) and has surely stood the test of time. Pegoretti's are hard to come by, but we've got a couple in stock. Check our available inventory here.

pegoretti marcelo why not

A Magnesium Tricolour Dogma

Another one from the archives. How many of these OG magnesium Dogmas have you seen? probably not many, but they were one of the best bikes of their time. This one from back in 2009 was one of our first bikes built with an 11 speed Campagnolo drivetrain.

magnesium dogma

A 12 Speed EPS Sarto 

Transitioning from the past to a bike from the future. This Sarto Seta Plus is complete with all the new-new. Disc brakes, 12 speed electronic Super Record, fully hidden cabling, and room for 34c tubeless tires.

Sarto Seta Plus campagnolo

sarto campagnolo

A Red Record RS-1

Very few bikes from our workshop have been as beloved as this one. Beautiful, timeless, and a true dream to ride. This Mosaic RS-1, crafted around 2013, will forever be one of our favorite builds. Forever adorned with the Campagnolo insignia, and complete with even the headset. Luckily, this bike now belongs to one of our local riders and pops back into the shop for routine service. 

mosaic RS1mosaic rs1 campagnolo

A Swiss Custom Open U.P.P.E.R

This might be the only gravel bike on the list. The paint job by our friends at Velocolor surely turned some heads, but the build kit is just as drool-worthy. The first bike to roll out of the shop in 2019, this bike is complete with a mechanical Super Record 12s group. For more on this build, head to the journal here.

open UPPER SRopen upper campagnolo  

A Premium Prova Speciale

We're finishing this list off with a marvel of modern frame building from just this past year. A Prova Speciale, dressed in full Campagnolo Super Record and Bora 60 WTO wheels. Prova Cycles are the latest addition to our roster of custom frame builders, and in our eyes these Australian built machines are at the forefront of modern handbuilt bicycle fabrication. They're a small shop, building only ~35 bikes a year, and we're fortunate to bring in 12 of those bikes to the states. Learn more about Prova here, and if you're interested in commissioning one of your own, drop us a line any time.

prova speciale campagnoloprova campagnolo

Thanks for following along. We hope you've enjoyed this stroll through our scrapbooks and enjoying all this eye candy as much as we have. Narrowing it down to ten bikes was surely a challenge. We've missed some gems, but found this list to not only highlight some outstanding builds, but cover some milestones in our history as AC. For any questions on any of the bikes here, or any of the featured builders, always feel free to get in touch.

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