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So far it’s a solo ride.

It's 8:30....Do You Know Where Your Pegoretti Is?

Anthony Little |

Visit his shop in Northern Italy and you’ll realize that Dario Pegoretti’s head is filled with music and art and both of these things are reflected in the frames he makes. Named for the Weather Report’s 1979 album and the time at which work starts at his shop every morning, the 8:30 is an amazing frame for what amounts to modest money. No longer in production, the 8:30 is patterned directly after the Love #3, the bike that has the AC Elite team singing Dario’s praises. But instead of the Columbus XLR8R Scandium tubing, Dario has chosen Columbus Altec II 7005 for the 8:30. The result is a slight weight increase over the Love #3 – Pegoretti’s lightest frame ever – but a pretty significant drop in price.

Like its sibling, the 8:30 comes with massive, 30mm chainstays, stiff, non-tapered seat stays, alloy KGB-style dropouts, a replaceable alloy derailleur hanger, dropped top tube/extended headtube on sizes 58 and above and the touches that have made all of Dario’s frame masterworks: the paint and beautiful Pegoretti headtube badge. A proprietary anodization process used on the XLR8R increases the bond between the frame and primer, resisting corrosion and helping to keep that amazing finish looking just that.

The 8:30 is a true Italian road racing machine that offers the signature Pegoretti performance, handling every road condition you can throw at it. It climbs and sprints like a champ; is stable on fast descents and loves to carve its way through the corners. And what’s best – it’ll punish the competition without putting much hurt on your wallet. We think that there’s absolutely nothing in this price range that offers the same ride quality, so now there aren’t any excuses left for not getting on one of il maestro’s hand built legends.

Turns out, we still have a few 8:30 frames in the shop. Give us a call @ 415.389.5461, email or come by to talk about how we can custom build your next Italian dream bike.
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