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So far it’s a solo ride.

Elkhorn Wrap-up

Anthony Little |

The last stage of the Elkhorn Classic proved to be a difficult and frustrating race. The race covered 104 miles with four long climbs and numerous rollers. Chris and Ian stayed with the race leaders in the main field as a group of 20 went up the road. As the race progressed, the large teams controlled the pace and the two AC riders sat in waiting for an opportunity to move forward. Half way through the race a small bridge group went off the front of the pack but Ian couldn't make the jump due to his injuries, and Chris gave everything but lost contact. Five riders bridged up. Chris and Ian came to the base of the final climb with the peloton and made it to the top among the six leaders of the main field, behind the 25 riders from the breakaway. In the final GC Chris took 18th. The two-man team traveled back home yesterday and is resting up for the Cascade Classic.
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