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So far it’s a solo ride.

Demo a Pinarello Grevil

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There's a freeing sensation when you detour from the pavement and point your tires towards the wilderness and down a ribbon of single track. Just as we're proud to call our back yard roads some of the best in the world, we tend to believe that our Bay Area dirt and gravel riding is as good as it gets.

While we could keep the spoils of our local trails and zones to ourselves, we find it all the more rewarding to share them with everyone else. In an effort to better share those experiences, we've expanded our range of demo bikes with a full fleet of Grevils, Pinarello's latest gravel ripping machine.

pinarello grevil demos header

The styling on the Grevil in unmistakably Pinarello. Modern, aero tubing blended with swoopy, asymmetric lines give it a unique silhouette in the pack.  The aggressive stance lets you know the bike means business, especially with big tires mounted up, filling things out. The frame is stiff and plenty responsive, while its slack geometry and long wheel base ensure it's plenty stable when descending at speed. 

pinarello grevil demo fleet frame details

The bikes are built up with Shimano Ultegrea Di2 groupsets, featuring a 2x system up front and the RX clutch derailleur out back. This has grown to be one of our favorite set ups for gravel bikes, combining the range and versatility of 2x with the silence and reliability of the clutch style rear mech. They're also built with the new MOST flared gravel handlebar, giving extra stability and confidence when descending rougher terrain. 

pinarello grevil demo drivetrain details

The ability to swap wheel and tire sizes at will is pretty much standard on gravel bikes these days and the Pinarellos are no exception. The bikes are designed to clear up to a 42c tire on a 700c rim, or a 2.1" tire on a 650b rim. We've got a range of wheel and tire options on hand, ready to outfit the bikes to your preferences, or satisfy your curiosities. 

pinarello grevil wheels

We could go on and on talking about the features and merits of the bikes, but wouldn't it be all the more effective to let you swing a leg over it and find out for yourself? We sure think so, and with that, we're here to encourage you to come by and get one dirty. We've got a size 50, 53, and 56 available immediately, with the rest of the size run on the way.

To experience the bike for a a full day, our rate is $150*. We'll have the bike thoroughly cleaned and tuned, measured up to your spec's, and mounted with a wheel size of your choice. We'll even supply you with an emergency repair kit if you need it. If you want to experience the Grevil, send us an email!

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