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Decoding the Pegoretti Line-Up

Ben Jones |

With eight different models and numerous paint choices, deciding which Dario Pegoretti frame is right for your next aspirational bike build can be challenging. Pegoretti is quick to point out that all their frames are efficient, comfortable and beautifully hand-crafted. However, what suits one cyclist may not suit another. Hence, Pegoretti's range offers something for every type of rider, from racer to weekend road cyclist alike. To help you find your perfect Pegoretti, we've put together an overview of our most popular Pegoretti models so you can understand which frame best suits your riding goals.

Pegoretti Responsorium

The Pegoretti Responsorium

The Responsorium is Pegoretti's most popular frame due to its magical blend of comfort, speed and handling. Composed of Columbus XCR stainless steel, this frame handles the elements without fear of corrosion or material degradation. The "Respo" is a phenomenal bike for shorter and longer rides, and given its blend of comfort and efficiency, it's the accessible pick for most riders' goals. The Responsorium is available in both rim brake and disc brake variants.

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Pegoretti Marcelo

The Pegoretti Marcelo (MXXXXXO)

For those looking for something more on the race side of the spectrum, Pegoretti makes the Marcelo. Some people don't think steel bikes are stiff or efficient enough to win stage races or sprint for the line, but the Marcelo is the middle finger to that outdated idea. Indeed, this frame was Tom Boonen's choice when he raced for the Green Jersey in the Tour de France, albeit secreted under his other bike sponsor's decals. 

In contrast to the Responsorium's XCR stainless steel, the Marcelo uses Columbus LIFE tubing. It also features a larger seat and chain stays, which help turn every watt into speed on the road. Having won numerous global bike races over the years, the Marcelo proves that steel is as relevant as ever for the racers (or wanna-be racers) in all of us. The Marcelo is only available in rim brake format.

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Pegoretti Round

The Pegoretti Round

The Pegoretti Round takes the durability and disc brake compatibility of the Responsorium and adds the race-inspired stiffness of the Marcelo. And like the Responsorium, the Round uses Columbus XCR stainless steel tubing but differs with the addition of 3D-printed stainless steel dropouts. 

If you want race-bred performance in a frame that shrugs off corrosive elements as quickly as you'll end up dropping any haters when the pace picks up, then meet your new frameset. The Round is available in both rim and disc brake editions.

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Pegoretti Duende

The Pegoretti Duende

Some riders want something classic, comfortable and fun. More comfort-oriented and less race-inspired than the bikes listed above, the Duende is Pegoretti's ode to people who love to ride. Composed of Columbus ZONA and with more traditional tapered stays and dropouts, the Duende quietly states that the best part of getting from point A to point B is the joy of the ride itself. The Duende comes in either a standard 28mm clearance road version or a CX configuration, allowing clearance for up to 40mm tires. Both versions are rim brake-only.

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Pegoretti Love #3

The Pegoretti Love #3

The Pegoretti Love #3 is an Above Category favorite for its lightweight, pure power transfer and sexy good looks. The Love #3 is the racer's alloy delight! It comprises Columbus Alloy tubing and uses a larger 43mm, head tube than the other Pegoretti frames. Ride it hard, put it away wet and do it again day after day. More comfortable than most alloy race frames, the Love #3 gives the weekend racer a bike they want to keep riding even after the podium ceremony.

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Unwrapping a Big Leg Emma

The Pegoretti Big Leg Emma

When stiffness and efficiency are priority number one, the Pegoretti Big Leg Emma has your back. You'll find the same Columbus LIFE tubing here as the Marcelo, reinforced with plates brazed throughout the downtube. Yeah, it's crazy. Enormous chainstays matched with the reinforced downtube ensure that every ounce of energy from your legs punishes your rear wheel and, therefore, your poor friends trying to hang onto your wheel. If you think you're too big, too powerful or aggressive to ride a steel race bike, the Big Leg Emma dares you to come out and play. The Big Leg Emma is only available in rim brake.

The Pegoretti Day is Done

The Pegoretti Day is Done

Just because a rider wants modern oversized tubing doesn't mean they have to sacrifice the beauty and style that comes from a lugged steel frame. Pegoretti serves up this juxtaposition in the Day is Done. Utilizing Columbus SPIRIT tubing, a 1 1/8" headset and gorgeous Cadnezia oversized lugs, the Day is Done seamlessly blends the modern with the classic in a single comfortable riding frame. Built up properly, this could be the ultimate cafe racer or touring rig for those looking for a more retro-looking ride. The Day is Done is only offered in rim brake with a steel fork.

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The Pegoretti Luigino

No write up of the Pegoretti range would be complete without the Luigino. Shown here in ‘Pista’ single speed format, the Luigino is Pegoretti’s paean to the classic Italian race bicycle from cycling’s hallowed past. Originally developed in homage to Dario’s mentor, Gino Milani, the Luigino is a lugged steel frame, complete with a traditional 1” headset and double-plate crown steel fork.

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