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So far it’s a solo ride.


Anthony Little |

There is nothing, absolutely nothing that I like to hear more at the shop than, "This bike is in your hands, do it the way you think best." This is what I love about building custom bikes, the whole thing, from geometry, to the right frame for the cyclist, to each and every individual component. Then there is the finish, the build and of course the fit (which happens before and after). For this article, we'll keep it to just the frame and finish, part 2 will get into the individual components and why we chose what we did...

For Kevin, we chose a titanium bike and of course if it's ti, it has to be a MOOTS! We then chose the compact, but that was less about style and all about function. We needed to build a small frame and the VAMOOTS would not allow enough seat post showing to even put in a work stand, so, choice # 1 was pretty easy. Also, we could have waited for the new MOOTS RSL that will be out in a few months, but we feel that when you are getting down into the smaller sized frames, stiffer is not always better. Some flex is good when done right, something to think about next time you get your new frame, or wheels for that matter. Moots sent us the frame bare, as you can see above as we knew we'd be sending the frame to Spectrum Powder Works in Colorado Springs for a custom finish. This was the hard part, I know what I like, but will the customer like it? Or, will the finished product look the same as what I pictured in my head? Lucky for us, JT at Spectrum was thinking along the same lines as I was and as you can see in the pictures below, it turned out amazing.
For the nitty gritty of the painting process of our MOOTS follow this link: Spectrum Powder Works

We wanted to make sure you could see it was a ti frame, so we left the seat stays and chain stays natural as well as the MOOTS logo on the down tube. The ti frame is powder coated, but the fork is liquid paint. Color match was perfect.

The MOOTS logo's were then etched on the rear end. Kevin added some of his personal touches as well...

Attention to detail is phenomenal!

More of the rear end. Powder coating is super tough and will last a long time. There are some do's and dont's when it comes to cleaning though... Another thing, when is the last time you have seen a chain hanger???

Liquid paint on the custom painted 50mm rake Edge 1.0 fork. Again, nice attention to detail on the dropouts and logo.

For more photo's and information on all of our products, please visit Above Category

Stay tuned for part 2 soon...

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