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So far it’s a solo ride.

BOTW: Black and Blue Dogma

Anthony Little |

Since Pinarello unveiled their 2016 Dogma colors earlier this year, we have been very impatiently waiting on their arrival. It's been a slow trickle, but one by one they've been showing up in our shop. We finally got a black and blue model in and wasted no time in getting it built it up for one of our local customers.


Campagnolo, Zipp, and Fizik are what hold this bike together. Let's get into the details...


We've found that electronic groups are the best way to go on modern bikes than run the cables internally. In this case, Campagnolo Chorus EPS was an excellent fit. Without being hindered by convoluted cable routing, the EPS groups shift flawlessly every single time. Though it does come in a bit heavier, the Chorus group essentially has no drop in performance when compared to it's Record and Super Record brethren.


The seatstay yoke streams off the back of the bike quite elegantly. We're quite glad to see that Pinarello chose to keep this bike compatible with traditional caliper brakes rather than the proprietary aero brakes so many other brands have switched to in recent years.


Fizik cockpits have become a staple of our builds. The simple graphics and favorable shape make for a perfect contact point on this Pinarello. Also, let's take a moment to appreciate the sculptural beauty that is the front end of the Dogma F8.


Racing stripes will never go out of style. Especially when executed as nicely as these.



It's all in the details. In this case, it's the touch of blue on the Pinarello insignia back here that ties even the seatpost into the color way of the frameset. The Fizik Antares back here keeps things consistent to the front end of the bike.


Front to back, this bike is just sharp.



Hopefully you love this Dogma color as much as we do! We are very excited to build some more. We have stock of these plus a handful of other new 2016 colors as well, so if you've been jonesing for a new Dogma just give us a call.

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