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So far it’s a solo ride.

BOTW: An Electric Blue Tri-Composite Sarto Raso

Peter Harrington |

Raw carbon fibre shot through with blue - surface signs of the Tri-Composite copper filaments that denote the extra special origin of this Spectacular Sarto Raso. Some bikes get you with looks, and some with tech. Some serve your heart up, and you hope it doesn’t break.

From the marbling to the black-out logos, the contrast Vittoria Corsa tire walls, and the Bjorn cork saddle, the blue Tri-Composite flecks elevate what could have been a chic, if standard, dark palette to a higher level. To the rear, a Ceramicspeed derailleur pulley in complementary electric blue is a riotous wildcard of happenstance.

Our client told us this bike would see a lot of European action - think Swiss Alps, Dolomites. And in answer, we equipped his Sarto with Dura-Ace 12-speed and a summit-worthy 11-34 cassette and 50-34 chainring combination, augmented with a Ceramicspeed bottom bracket and pedal bearings, to boot, as well as the over-size derailleur pulley we mentioned earlier. The bike’s Partington R-Series MKII wheels in 39/44 profile double down on the Danish, with the (stock) inclusion of Ceramicspeed bearings in their hubs. An SRM Origin Crank completes the drivetrain.

An interesting detail below the surface: Sarto has begun to fit titanium bottom bracket shells instead of the former aluminum models. There was nothing wrong with the aluminum, but titanium takes the biscuit. That’s also why we routinely upgrade every bolt we can on our builds to ti as a matter of course, and in this instance, even installed titanium thru-axles over standard aluminum options.

And there you have it. The tires are pumped (tubeless 32s with titanium valves), the cockpit is tight, and the saddle is milimeter-precise. Now let’s see what those mountains have to say.

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