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So far it’s a solo ride.

BOTW: A Yellow Pop Enve Custom Road

Peter Harrington |

Has Utah ever looked so pretty as when rendered in yellow on the downtube of an Enve Custom Road? To the residents of the Beehive State, I mean no offence - Utah is rightly renowned as one of the most knock-your-socks-off-beautiful places in the US. But I’ve always been a sucker for yellow, and here, atop the frame’s British Racing Green/Cement color palette, the complement pops.

The story of this build starts on the trail with a rider who already had a pretty special gravel build from us and, so inspired, wanted to raise his road rig to the same level. Of all the options we talked through, Enve’s Custom Road caught and kept his eye. With its modern lines, clean aesthetic and US-made credentials, the Custom Road is a superb, if somewhat off-the-radar, road bike. But what the bike misses in marketing fanfare, it more than makes up for on the pavement. The Custom Road is a superb performer, all the more so because of the enviable customizations the platform affords the rider.

Shimano’s Dura-Ace 9250/9270 kicks off the build, announcing its presence with the assured, deft shifts and crisp, hassle-free performance that keep it in high rotation as a rider favorite. However, in typical AC style, we augmented the rear derailleur with a Ceramicspeed OSPW and kept on the Danish trip with the brand’s bottom bracket for good measure - then rode south to Germany for a double-Deutsch hit of Lightweight Meilenstein EVO Schwartz edition wheels with Continental STR rubber.

Paint-matched Enve bar tape and bottle cages set a high bar for finishing details. But it’s a bag that seals the build here, with the Scion Aerocomfort 3.0 providing the perfect travel protection for the frame and wheels wherever the bike flies. And fly it does.

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