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BOTW: A Blazing Fast Ciavete Pegoretti Responsorium Rim

Chad Nordwall |

After 15 years of doing what we do, there are still very few things more exciting than when we receive a frame box in the post from our friends at Pegoretti in Verona, Italy, even more so when it's a Ciavete paint scheme. We never really know what to expect. Some people give total freedom to the artist, while others provide minor input, such as a base color. That is the case with this particular frame. The cyclist asked for a white frame with a good amount of black and some color pop. And, as always, it was even cooler than we imagined.

Another thing that we love is building a bike with rim brakes. While we (mostly) love all the latest tech out there, building a bike that does its job with nothing to plug in, no apps to download, build the bike and ride it - there is nothing outdated about that. So with that being said, allow us to present our latest bike of the week!


This is the Pegoretti Responsorium frame, built using proprietary stainless steel from Columbus. One of the features is the D11 head tube which is slightly oversized to have a larger contact area for a more seamless fit with the oversized down and top tubes. It uses a special headset created in collaboration between Pegoretti and Chris King called D11. The fork is also a Dario Pegoretti item called Falz, made using a flatter crown and a curved blade (Falz means scythe in Italian dialect) to present a more classic aesthetic. It's also one of the nicest and best-handling forks out there! The only change to the frameset we made was to remove the Pegoretti seat collar and replace it with a minimal Darimo clamp made from as little carbon as possible.

The paint is Ciavete, of course, and speaks for itself.


A pretty easy decision here as there is only one option for a top-of-the-line mechanically operated rim brake groupset: Campagnolo Super Record. Such a shame, and even more so w/ the rumors that Campagnolo has decided to stop offering this as an option in the future. But for now, we have it and used it, although in a slightly upgraded fashion. All the bearings and pulleys are Ceramicspeed, using their coated bearings in the bottom bracket, hubs and inside the titanium derailleur pulleys. We also used the powerful and extremely light EE brakes, in black, of course. We also stripped and then waxed the chain for long life.


We still had one of our favorite seat posts that is not longer available here, the Fizik 00. So that went on with a Fizik Antares 00 saddle. The stem is from Extralite, and the bars are from Black Inc. Fizik topped it off with the bar tape.

Wheels and Tires

We used the Lightweight Meilenstein Schwartz edition wheels, with the Ceramicspeed bearings and Vittoria rubber to keep the rider glued to the road.


Dura-Ace pedals which we replaced all the standard ball bearings with those from Ceramicspeed, and then, of course, every single bolt that can be is titanium. Also, check out the computer mount from Extralite, which is about as trick as it gets.

Thank you for following along!

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