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So far it’s a solo ride.

Bike of the Week: The Green Monster

Anthony Little |

There's something special about getting the opportunity to work with an existing client on a new build. We've been through the process with them before. We know the kind of rides they've been doing. We've seen what kind of care (or abuse) they've regularly put their bike through. We've been there to hear all the stories of what they've loved and maybe even hated over the years. We know, in some cases, even more than the clients themselves, in what ways they've changed. After all, an outside perspective is sometimes the most accurate. Building on the relationship gives us that much more of an advantage to knock it even further out of the park than our previous chance at bat. Our latest Baum Corretto build is an example of doing just that.


Prior to this build, the client had been on an "all-in" Parlee, dressed in Campagnolo and ENVE. It was light, beautiful, and an absolutely stellar ride. It set the bar high, and a proper upgrade was no easy task. This time we took an entirely different approach, and nearly every aspect went in an oblique direction. We traded carbon for titanium. Black and white for British Racing Green and gold. Campagnolo for Shimano. While nearly everything was a departure from the past, the end goal remained the same: Build the most incredible bike we could that met all of the pilot's demands.



The Baum Corretto. When it comes to detail, craftsmanship, and beauty, little comes close. We've yet to be disappointed by the finish work on one.


Dura-Ace 9000. The mechanical version is light, butter smooth, and going traditional complemented the mood of the classic British Racing Green. The 7900 series SRM might be a bit older, but it still looks every bit as good, and is a testament to the German powermeter manufacturer's longevity.


Striving to raise the bar, custom was the only way to go with the wheels. To keep the grouppo intact, we chose Dura-Ace hubs and hand-laced them to the venerable Zipp 303 rims. Silver spokes add a touch of class while the green nipples solidify the personalization of the build. The skinwall Vittoria Corsa tires were a no-brainer.


The little details really make a Baum sing. The stem, bar, and seatpost go a long way in tying the whole build together. Sort of like a nice rug in a room.


It brings us joy getting to follow our clients though their journeys on the bike. This Baum is a perfect example of why. Learning from the last build and taking it even further on the next.


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