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Bike of the Week - Finger Print Peg

Derek Yarra |

Custom Pegoretti Steel Bicycle side
Few things stand the test of time like handcrafted pieces built by a master. That’s a huge part of the reason we love Pegoretti – that handcrafted, heirloom quality. This week we are excited to showcase a perfect example of the artistic work that goes into every frame. We built this Pegoretti a few years ago before we started documenting all of our bikes. When it came back to the shop for service, we couldn’t miss the chance to take some proper photos.

Custom Pegoretti Steel Frame Downtube DetailsCustom Pegoretti Steel Frame Chainstays
We always love a Ciavette bike, Dario’s free form of expression. This one takes an even more personal level, left with his fingerprints across the top tube. The working marks of a true master are often rarely seen and with the inclusion of his fingerprints within his frame make it truly one of a kind.

Custom Pegoretti Ciavette Steel Bicycle drivetrain
You’ll see there’s an Italian theme throughout the build an ode to the homeland of Dario. Campagnolo Super Record handles all of the transmission needs.

Custom Pegoretti Ciavette Steel Frame CockpitCustom Pegoretti Ciavette Steel bicycle seatpost
Deda up front and Fizik out back take care of the contact points.

Custom Pegoretti Ciavette Steel Frame Wheels
Campagnolo Bora 35s, one of our all-time favorite wheels. Paired with Vittoria Corsa 25c tires.

Custom Pegoretti Ciavette Steel Bicycle Details
A few more details of that iconic Pegoretti paint.

Custom Pegoretti Ciavette Stell Bicycle rear view
A classic Pegoretti dressed in Campagnolo’s finest, looking just as beautiful today as it did years ago. Thanks for taking the time to check this one out. Have any questions on a Peg of your own? Drop us a line to what models we’ve got in stock or to get the ball rolling on your custom build.
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