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Bike of the Week: Colombian Steel

Anthony Little |

High in the mountains surrounding one of Colombia's cycling meccas, Medellín, lies a storied framebuilder: Augustino Hincapie. His workshop builds under the brand Tinno, and his experience dates back to the 1970s, when he taught himself how to build bikes by translating framebuilding articles from English to Spanish, word by word, using a basic dictionary. His work extends into the present day, where his revitalized workshop now turns out beauties like this flagship Remoza, a modern classic steel race bike constructed from the venerable Columbus Spirit tubeset.


Deep royal blue paint (all done in-house) is complimented by yellow logos and lighter sky blue panels on the fork and stays.


The fork itself is a Dario Pegoretti-designed Falz, giving the bike a doubly classic look with dialed geometry to match.

The wheels are, like the frame, a fully-custom experience. US-made White Industries hubs in timeless silver are laced to HED Belgium rims for a no-nonsense, amaranthine build. We're often asked about why we use Dura-Ace skewers on our builds, no matter what groupset is used. The reason is simple: Function. They aren't the lightest, and they aren't always matchy-matchy, but there's one place we don't like screwing around, and that's how our wheels attach to our frame.


SRAM Red mechanical was a logical choice for the build. Purely functional and the lightest groupset available, its updated graphics set matches perfectly for a featherweight steel racebike.


fi'zi:k's R1 cockpit takes its usual place on an Above Category build, delivering a hint of modern Italian aesthetic to the bike.


Thanks for checking out this stunning Tinno Remoza. If you have any questions about the build, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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