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So far it’s a solo ride.

Bike of the Week: An Ekar Built Open X Enve Wide

Derek Yarra |

Our Open X Enve WIDE builds are starting to roll out. The first of these limited edition gravel bikes is ready to hit the dirt. Naturally, it's built up with a full suite of our favorite Enve pieces, and finished off with a Campagnolo Ekar 1x13 kit. Follow along to see what make is this trail hungry rig tick.

The Open X Enve WIDE

The core of the build is the limited edition WIDE frame. Taking the much loved Open frame and pairing it wth Enve's venerable Adventure fork, and topped off with the special edition topographic paint paint. This exact bike is #87 of the 100 unit run.

open enve wide frame

The Cockpit

 Big adventures call for big stability, so we went with the wide flared Enve G Series handlebar. A modern day take on the classic dirt-drop, this popular bar gives the rider more control, comfort, and stability when navigating rough terrain. A 100 Enve stem is mounted to achieve the rider's ideal reach. A zero offset post holds up a Fizik Antares R1 saddle.

enve cockpit

The Drivetrain

If you know Above Category, then you know we love Campagnolo. We are so glad they finally have a gravel drivetrain up to the task of serious trial abuse, and we were thrilled this rider wanted to go that route. One ring, thirteen cogs, and Campagnolo's signature mechanical shifting—precise gear changes with a delightfully tactile feel. We went with the 10-44t cassette to provide the perfect blend of usable range and tight shifts. Have you gotten a chance to ride Ekar yet? We're sure you'll love it.

campagnolo EKAR

The Wheels and Tires

As much as we love Ekar, options with compatible free hub bodies are in short supply. Luckily, we were able to get our hands on a N3W drive from White Industries and mounted it up to a set of CLD hubs. They're laced up to a set of Enve G23 rims. As for rubber, we mounted up some 42c René Herse Hurricane Ridge tires. Fast, smooth, and incredibly versatile, we've been big fans of these. We only wish they'd come in a 45c version... or that the WIDE had just a bit more clearance for the 48c Oracle Ridges 😜 . 

To us, no detail is too small in the quest for perfecting a build. We find that Ekar works best with continuous shift cable housing from lever to derailleur. The only issue is that Open supplied Open frame grommets at the rear of the bike don't quite work. We commissioned a custom 3D printed piece (designed and crafted by our former lead mechanic, Michael Webber) to get the job done right. It's small step, but to us, an important one!

So many things we love in one bike! Open, Enve, and Campagnolo Ekar! It's a dialed build and it came out just right. Hopefully it will even take on the Dirt East Peak TT this weekend! We've got a few more of these builds in the works and we can't wait to roll them out. Are you dreaming of getting one of your own? If you ride a size large you're in luck. We've sold out of all but one large, get it before it's gone!


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