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Bike of the Week: A Tropical Pinarello Grevil+

Derek Yarra |

Look good, go fast. It's a mantra that speaks to nearly all things we do, and rings especially true with our latest featured build. A completely customized Pinarello Grevil+, built to cover all types of ground while moving at top speed. A versatile, modular machine with a one-off paint job and uniquely custom build kit. Follow along as we take a closer look.

pinarello Grevil plus velocolour

The Paint

While Pinarello has a nice array of stock finishes for the Grevil and Grevil+, sometimes you just want something a little different, something completely your own. For this project we partnered once again with our friends at Vélocolour. Blending a stunning green-silver-white fade with precisely masked yellow panels inside the wheel wells, this Grevil+ is unlike any other you'll see on the trails.

pinarello Grevil Custom Paint details velocolour

The Cockpit

The goal of this bike was to be fast. With that in mind, it only made sense to outfit the front end with an Enve aero bar. The sleek, streamlined shape compliments the angular lines of the Grevil platform, while balancing that with ample compliance a slight flare to the drops for optimal off road performance. At the back side, a zero offset proprietary Pinarello seatpost is custom painted with the frame for a complete, seamless look. 

pinarello grevil cockpit enve most

The Drivetrain

While we often aim for continuity throughout a drive train, there are times a build calls for a more eclectic approach to nail the needs of the project. The core of the build is a Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 kit. Premium in quality and elegance, however it does have some shortcoming for the ultimate all terrain performance. We've employed a GRX rear derailleur for it's extended range and clutched chain retention. This is no ordinary GRX mech. It's gone under the knife for a Ceramicspeed OSPW cage and pulley system for extended chainline efficiency. When it comes to training with power, consistency in data is crucial. As our rider uses Quarq systems on his other bikes, it was the choice power meter here, of course, fitted with Dura-Ace rings for flawless shifting. Linking the system together is a KMC X11SL DLC chain. The super light chain has a extremely tough DLC coating, making it an impressively durable and long lasting piece.

pinarello grevil plus custom drive train dura ace grx shimano quarq

The Wheels

As an all-road build, we needed a wheelset to help achieve maximum efficiency and speed. For this, we looked to the new Zipp 303 Firecrest rims. Their incredible low weight, proven aerodynamics, and engineered compliance made them an easy choice for this purpose. Paired with a set of Réne Herse Bon Jon Pass 700x35c tires, they're sure to be fast from the tarmac to the trails. While the new Zipp hubs are fine, we wanted to take things a little further for a project this custom. We laced the 303s to a set of polished silver Industry Nine Torch hubs. Not only do the silver hub compliment the fade paintjob, they bring an enhanced level of engagement to accelerations. 

pinarello grevil plus velocolour zipp industry nine wheels

The Other Wheels

The versatility of the Grevil+ is second to none, and this bike is sure to see more technical terrain as well. For the dirtier days, our rider wanted a wheel and tire combo up for those challenges. Taking the same I9 hubs and silver Sapim spokes, we laced these wheels to a set of Enve G23 rims for their outstanding durability and ride quality. A set of Réne Herse 700x42c Hurricane Ridge Endurance tires ensure grip and cushion when the going gets rough.

pinarello grevil plus custom wheels zipp 303 industry nine

pinarello grevil custom paint side by side

A one of a kind dirt bike ready to roll at full speed, no matter the terrain. Project builds like this are exactly what we started Above Category for, so if you've been yearning to ride something a little different, a little more special, give us a call and we'll set you on the right path.

pinarello grevil plus end

For even more photos, head to the gallery here.
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