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So far it’s a solo ride.

Bike of the Week: A Dogma Like no Other

Chad Nordwall |

Velocolour Dogma f10 header

We’ve painted a few Pinarello Dogma’s in the past, but they were pretty tame one color affairs.  Don’t get me wrong, they looked great and drew some attention, but for this Pinarello F10 (yes, we do know there is a new bike out there now) we wanted to really take advantage of the lines of the frame and design a more fluid and fast looking bike.  So, with that in mind we talked to our trusty and super talented friends north of our border and asked if they’d like to help us design something to do just that.  The following is what we all came up with…

velocolour dogma f10 profile on deck

First off, we had to add the newest (again) and trendiest paint feature, the fade, to the mix.  Not too much, but just the right amount, the blue into white on the post and bottom of the fork legs add a nice entry and exit to the canvas.  We took the dark blue from a Pegoretti paint scheme, Catch the Spider, that we love and went from there.  That then works with the lighter blue and white and is finished off in a large part with a gorgeous dark grey that looks even more amazing, and deep in person.

velocolour dogma f10 paint details

We wanted to make the bike have a very integrated appearance without the pain in the butt aspect of a fully integrated bike.  So we did the standard additions of the seat post, stem and bars, but then took it a little further and had Velocolour paint the top cap and spacers as well.  We thought about painting the covers for the cable ports, but, decided against it as that is an area that can be prone to getting chipped so kept them as is.

 dogma f10 velocolour cockpit

The MOST (Pinarello’s house brand cockpit components) stem worked well for this project, keeping an integrated look that I was talking about.  Ties in well with the spacers and top cap and while not the lightest, does give a lot of surface area to work with.  The Fizik Arione EVO 00 saddle fits the modern look and is comfortable to boot.

pinarello dogma f10 velocolour sram axs drivetrain

The build kit is almost lost here as everyone mainly looks at the frame, and part of that is due to SRAM’s wireless AXS E-Tap group.  This bike is headed to the Front Range of Colorado so the gearing represents that.

pinarello dogma f10 velocolour lightweight wheels

Another aid in the climbing department are Lightweights Meilenstein clincher wheels.  We know from experience that they can go down extremely fast as well though.  Veloflex tires also help in keeping the rotating mass down and just look plain sexy on this bike.

velocolour pinarello dogma f10 ee brakes da skewers

Take some weight off with the EE brakes and then add some back with the Shimano Dura-Ace quick release skewers.  All in the name of confidence though.  These are not only some of the lightest calipers made but they are very positive and very powerful and unlike some of the uber light stuff out there, these find their way on most of our builds.  The skewers offer confidence and that is why we use them.  Smooth action, and secure when closed.  This is one area where we don’t mess around.

velocolour custom painted pinarello dogma oakley

OK, so if you’re going to do it, go all the way!

pinarello dogma f10 velocolour studio back angle

This is a Dogma that will stand out by not standing out.  Flashy but in a constrained way.  Thanks to everyone involved in this build, from DH to Velocolour and everyone who had a hand in making it come to life.  It was a super fun project and we can’t wait for the next one (which happens to be in the stand right now :-).

pinarello dogma f10 velocolour custom paint studio profile

If you are looking for something a bit(lot) more unique then give us a call and let's chat!
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