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So far it’s a solo ride.

12 Days of Breathtaking Builds—Day 9: A Pegoretti Reborn

Derek Yarra |

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Everyone loves a sparking new bike, but there's a different kind of joy when you take a beloved work horse and give it a breath of new life. Especially when that bike is as incredible as a Dario Pegoretti creation. Stripped down to the frame, detailed with a fine tooth comb, and revitalized with a brand new build. 


pegoretti profile

Originally built with Sram, this bike got a full Campagnolo makeover. With Record mechanical kit and a fresh pair of Bora WTOs, this Pegoretti is back to live its best life.
Only three bikes remain on our list. Check back in tomorrow to see which build gets the bronze medal.


pegoretti details

pegoretti top tube detail

For all the details on this rebuilt Peg, check out the journal post here.