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So far it’s a solo ride.

Gallery: A Striped Ti Mosaic All-Road

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Frame: Mosaic GT-1 All-Road

Cockpit: Enve

Saddle: Form Cycling Throne RS

Drivetrain: Sram Red AXS

Wheels: Enve 3.4AR rims to Chris King R45 hubs

Tires: Panaracer GravelKing SK 38c

For full details on the build, head to the BOTW journal post here.

mosaic gt1 stripes titanium gravel bike

mosaic gt1 sram red shifter

mosaic stripes fork

sram red axs crank

sram red axs 2x drive train

mosaic gt1 vertical

mosaic gt1 stripes



mosaic gt1 seat tube cluster

stripes enve stem

mosaic gt1 head badge

mosaic gt1 chris king hub

mosaic gt1 hub

mosaic gt1 at the water

mosaic gt1 front end

gravel king sk 38 panaracer

sram red cassette

sram red chris king mosaic

mosaic handmade in boulder co

enve bar tape


mosiac gt1 front end

chris king bottom bracket dub

mosaic gt1 cable routing

sram red flat mount rear brake

sram red flattop chainenve 3.4 AR rear wheelmosaic gt1 downtube

xtr pedal

enve stem mosaic stripes

mosaic gt1 in the trees

mosaic stripes seat post enve

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