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So far it’s a solo ride.

Gallery: A GRX Built Open WIDE

Derek Yarra |

open wide grx bike profile on wall

open wide grx gravel bike rear angleopen WIDE gravel bike down tubeOpen WIDE Grx Enve cockpitOpen WIDE enve g23 panaracer

enve g23open wide easton crankopen WIDE xt pedalopen WIDE enve gravel front endOpen WIDE grx rear derailleuropen WIDE headtube

enve gravel barenve g23 panaraceropen WIDE GRX leversgrx leveropen wide grx cassetteopen wide bars enve gravelopen WIDE saddle stealth propanaracer gravel kingenve gravel bar

open wide gravel bike rear endopen wide chainstayopen wide grx rotoropemn wide grx enve headtubeopen wide grx enve profileopen wide grx rear angle

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