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Q36.5 Gregarius Cargo Adventure Bib Shorts

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The Q36.5 Gregarius Cargo Adventure Bib Shorts

A bib short built to go beyond your usual loops, featuring easy-access thigh pockets, premium fabrics and flawless tailoring. Read More

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As long as you have a copy of La Gazzetta dello Sport to hand with which to waft them back to consciousness, introducing bib shorts with cargo pockets to hardcore roadies goes just fine. And once they're awake, it's pretty easy to make them see sense because here's the thing: the thighs are the perfect place to stow stuff. From gels to phones and even small form factor cameras, there are a lot of benefits to keeping your carry close to hand.

Q36.5's Gregarius Cargo Adventure is the sort of 'Judas' short we're talking about. Made in Italy by Italians who should know better, Q36.5's debut cargo bib short is the perfect piece for roadies looking to roam or fast gravel riders to equip themselves for their next backcountry bonanza. And if you're still on the fence (that can happen when you go gravel riding), it's worth remembering that aside from the aforementioned thigh pockets (and invisible back pocket), this is still a Q36.5 bib. In other words, one of the finest pieces of cycling apparel you can buy.

In common with all Q36.5 bib shorts, the Cargo Adventure features high-density woven fabric with in-built UV protection and sun deflection, made using 100% recycled polyamide and elastane yarns. The bib short also benefits from Q36.5's keen eye for tailoring, like leg hems that support without squeezing, light and breathable bib straps, and a lumbar support panel augmented with silver thread to improve stability and body alignment during the pedal stroke. Rounding things out is a Super Molded Anatomical chamois from Elastic Interface, a phenomenally supportive platform for training, racing and long-distance adventures.


  • Made in Italy 
  • Materials: 60% polyamide 6.6, 34% elastane, 4% polyethylene – Dyneema®, 2% polyester
  • Weight: 185 g
  • Thigh pockets, plus an invisible back pocket 
  • Sun-deflecting UF Knit44 ECO fabric 
  • Elastic Interface Super Molded Anatomical chamois
  • Lumbar support panel

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