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Q36.5 Adventure Insulation Sock

$ 25.00

The Q36.5 Adventure Insulation Sock

Take your brew to go, with these toasty socks made from coffee charcoal residue Read More

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The Q36.5 Adventure Insulation Socks are an excellent choice for those seeking toasty toes as they move through the colder seasons. Interestingly, they're made free of dye with an organic polyamide yarn derived from coffee charcoal residue. And for those that haven't been keeping up with the exciting intersection of apparel and coffee beans, that gives them stellar thermoregulation capabilities. But, sadly, they don't smell like coffee.

In action, the Insulation Socks fit with a satisfyingly snug feel, augmented by padded zones for superlative comfort around the pedal stroke.



  • Made with organic polyamide yarn HEAT™, derived from coffee charcoal residue
  • Warm and thermoregulating 
  • Free of dye, utilizing the natural color of the yarn
  • Padded zones marry up to key areas of the feet for unmarched comfort 
  • Materials: 62% Polyamide, 23% Elastane, 15% Polypropylene
  • Made in Italy 
  • Weight: 32g 

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