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Lightweight Meilenstein Disc EVO Wheels - Schwarz Edition

Lightweight Meilenstein Disc EVO Wheels - Schwartz Edition
$ 7,590.00

The Lightweight Meilenstein Disc EVO Wheels - Schwarz Edition

The tubeless disc brake version of Lightweight’s most successful road wheel, an exceedingly stiff, arrow-fast performer ideally suited to the demands of modern road riding. Read More


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Germans aren't prone to overstatement. So when Lightweight says that its Meilenstein Evo wheelset is "probably the most exclusive and powerful full carbon clincher wheelset in the world", you know the brand mean business. And, if your goal is to climb, descend and barrel along the flats faster than ever before, from our experience riding them here at AC, the Meilenstein Evos will help you get there. And then some.

Impeccably engineered and handmade in Germany, the Meilenstein Evo is a tubeless, disc-ready clincher. Like the other versions under the Meilenstein banner, it has become a watchword for quality and precision amongst discerning roadies. The wheels feature the brand's proprietary Pentagon hub, a sleeve that all but resists twisting, resulting in fine-grain steering and consummate braking performance.

The Meilenstein Evo wheels are available at Above Category in Lightweight's Schwarz Edition, an exclusive model that features Ceramicspeed bearing upgrades and all-black spokes, rims and logos. Does it look faster? We think so.


  • Handmade in Germany
  • Lightweight’s most popular road riding wheel
  • Ideally suited for high mountains, all-round, training and competition
  • Disc brake
  • Tubeless
  • Rim width: 24 mm
  • Spokes: Front, 16 / Rear, 20 full carbon spokes
  • SchwarzED (Black Edition): Spokes, rim and logos in black, upgraded for greater durability and lower rolling resistance with CeramicSpeed ceramic bearings

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