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Enve G27 650b Wheelset With Innerdrive™ Hubs

Enve G27 650B Wheels With Innerdrive
$ 2,550.00

The Enve G27 650b Wheelset With Innerdrive™ Hubs

The 650B gravel specialist that’s made for multi-day bikepacking routes, singletrack adventures, and everything in between. Read More


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A pair of Enve G27 650B Wheels With Innerdrive


For years we've been getting by adapting road or mountain bike wheels to make do on our gravel bikes. While it's worked out well enough, the reality is that gravel riding has its own unique demands and needs, and it's about time we had a wheel system designed specifically for it. The Enve G27 is here to fill that void. But before we get into the details, the big headline for 2024 is that the G27 now boasts the Enve 'Innerdrive™ System', an all-new hub with some seriously clever things going on under the hood. For more on that, head over to the AC journal where we breakdown the new Enve hubs in more detail.

Designed from the ground up, the Enve G-Series rims are some of the lightest rims in their line up, perfect for scaling up steep mountain inclines and quick accelerations out of corners. Like its stable mate the G23, the Enve G27 is tuned with an incredible level of compliance, soaking up bumps in a way road rims can't. For example. the G27's sidewalls has been deliberately engineered to absorb impacts and a unique edge nearly eliminates pinch flats, enabling riders to run ultra low tire pressures in full confidence.



  • Enve’s widest and lightest gravel wheel
  • Designed to run with tires between 42c and 2.25”
  • Enve's Wide Hookless Bead technology makes the G27 extremely resistant to pinch flats
  • ENVE Innerdrive™ System w/PerfectPreload™ 
  • Four engagement options
  • Hubshell geometry refinement
  • Anti-twist spoke holes - straight-pull only
  • 8-10% lateral stiffness increase over Gen 1
  • One spoke length per wheel
  • Lighter weight
  • 100% ENVE designed oversized 42mm ratchet drive system
  • Longer bearing life
  • Reduced axle stress - less bearing drag and prolonged bearing life
  • Drive component retention
  • Automatic preload adjustment
  • Low maintenance & easy serviceability
  • Intended Use: Gravel
  • Inner rim width: 27mm
  • Recommended Tire Size: 42c – 2.25″
  • Tubeless Optimized; Tube Compatible
  • Rim Depth (F/R) 25mm
  • External Width (F/R) 35.5mm
  • Internal Width (F/R) 27mm
  • Hole Count (F/R) 24
  • Effective Rim Diameter (F/R) 571mm
  • Accepted Tire Sizes 42c – 2.25″

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