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Custom Baum Celaris

Custom Baum Celaris

The Custom Baum Celaris

A modern classic. Read more

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Custom Baum Celaris
Custom Baum Celaris
Custom Baum Celaris
Custom Baum Celaris


There's something of the early-to-mid 90s road cycling scene about Baum's Celaris: a crisp line that speaks to a classic-modern aesthetic, a texture shared perhaps by a Singer Porsche or a Leica Rangefinder camera. And that should come as no surprise, given Darren Baum's stated admiration for the methodology, design and execution behind those equally classic products. 

The Celaris is elegant in a way that a contemporary road bike has no right to be; that is, if you make the mistake of believing the summation of road bike design is to be found at the start line of the Tour de France.

Modern and sophisticated, svelte and forgiving, the Celaris delivers an exceptional ride, an uncluttered cockpit and thrilling elegance. It's integrated, yes, but in a novel turn, you can use any stem or handlebar, a design feature that speaks to the modularity of the bikes we grew up with and the aforementioned inspiration for the Celaris: you can change the cockpit in the same way you can switch the lens on your Leica, or swap out the plugs on your Porsche. It's not a sealed deal. 

What makes that possible is a  a 3D-printed titanium steerer tube insert, a solution designed by Darren Baum to solve the integration problem on his terms. This allows the use of a standard bar and stem to complement the Celaris' tapered head tube, another classic touch that sets this road bike apart. 

Like Baum's Orbis, the Celaris benefits from a T47 bottom bracket shell, flat mount disc brakes, and geometry optimized for 28–32 mm tyres. The rest of its features, like the half-inch seat stays, 27.2 mm seatpost, and its overall Indurain-era silhouette, are a testament to Baum's history in frame-building. 

One of the Celaris's standout features is its versatility. Baum offers a range of customization options, allowing you to tailor and tune the frame to suit your riding profile, height, and weight perfectly. 




Ordering Process

  • Svelte half-inch seatstays
  • Bespoke 3D-printed titanium steerer tube insert
  • In-house tapered head tube billet-machined from a solid bar of 6/4 Ti
  • Chris King Dropset 2 headset 
  • Butted Titanium 3/2.5 seamless tubing
  • Choice of seven standard sizes
  • Chris King Dropset 2 headset
  • Proprietary 6/4 Ti thru axle dropouts
  • Axle spacing 142×12
  • T47 bottom bracket shell
  • Electronic groupsets only
  • Maximum tyre size 35mm measured
  • All paint schemes
  • Frame shown with Darimo Carbon seatpost, Darimo IX2AL stem, Darmio Ellipse Road handlebar
  • Tailored
  • Custom fitting
  • Personalised handling
  • Tuned tube selection and butting
  • Name on top tube / chainstay
  • Non standard colors

Whether you’re already set on a certain make and model of frame, or still have some questions about how to go about your build, drop us a line and we can talk through your options. From the first detail to the final finish, we'll help you dial in the perfect set up for your next dream bike.

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