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So far it’s a solo ride.


Derek Yarra

Living his dream of pairing the genius for thought provoking, inspiring photography with his love of cycling. His talent for bike mechanics (including a period as Master Mechanic at AC) financed his journey to becoming an award-winning photographer. Shares his story-telling ability with us not just via photography, but as a regular contributor to the AC blog. A Bay Area native. Die-hard daily bike commuter across the Golden Gate bridge; rain, fog, shine, or wind. Did someone say beard envy?

Chad Nordwall

Obsessive. Period. Mostly about cycling, everything cycling. Motorcycles are for when he needs to rest his mind from bicycles. Skipped school at 16 to sneak home and take his bike apart, polish every piece, and put it back together again. During 10 years in the US Armed Forces, he always found ways to ride his bike, it didn’t matter where:  Augsburg, Germany, Fayetteville, NC, or Fort Huachuca, AZ. Grew up in Seattle on Punk Rock. The only thing better than riding the best bikes in the world on Marin County’s breathtaking roads?  Taking someone else through that experience for the first time.

Kalara Schuster

Problem solver. Economist. Loves the challenge of a startup environment. Launched her own Golf Technology startup which became acquired by a competitor. Spent 4 more years leading sales growth for the combined company’s nationwide expansion, and experienced the nuances of integration after being purchased by Comcast. Market research is a personal passion. Loves gardening, hiking with her dog, spreadsheets and a good book. Former triathlete. Raised in Guatemala and New York City. Speaks 4 languages, yet still fails comically at colloquial American sayings.

Robert Gee

Gained a love for all things cycling when his Uncle Vincent, a Pro-Team Mechanic for U.S. Postal, BMC, Mavic NRS, SRAM NRS & USA Cycling would show up at his grandparents’ house with the team vehicles. Shortly thereafter he followed in his Uncle's footsteps, working as a pro mechanic for various teams such as Optum Pro Cycling (now Rally Pro Cycling), Twenty16, SRAM NRS, & USA Cycling. What was the most important lesson he learned from his Uncle? Slow down, don’t rush, and do it right the first time. Photography and video are his passions, particularly lifestyle portraiture along with creative choreographic dance videos. Fishing is passion # 3. He loves trying new restaurants, and all kinds of food, but Korean is his favorite. He’s still searching for a restaurant in San Francisco that can live up to his Aunt’s home cooking.