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So far it’s a solo ride.

Q36.5 Unique Shoes

Introducing the Unique Shoes from Q36.5. Expanding on their extensive line up of premium technical apparel, the Unique Shoes complete the trifecta of grip, saddle, and pedals, in an optimized collection outfitting all touch points between rider and bike.

True to form of all Q36.5 products, the Unique Shoes are designed around maintaining an athlete’s optimal active body temperature, meaning ventilation is of paramount importance. Specially designed microfiber materials are used throughout, while innovative designs have allowed for a streamlined construction with minimal materials without compromising on comfort and support. The pioneering technology found throughout the Unique Shoes integrates them seamlessly into Q36.5’s entire range of top performance riding apparel.

Road and Adventure

The Unique Shoes are available in both Road and Adventure models, so riders of all disciplines can benefit from Q36.5’s uncompromising performance. Are you a multi faceted rider? Grab one of each so you can enjoy matching comfort and performance regardless of what bike you grab to ride.