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Sarto Cycles, the Italian brand you never knew you knew about...until now. For many years, over fifty in fact, Sarto has quietly been one of the most prominent bicycle builders in the industry serving as a manufacturer for many of the iconic Italian brands you know and love. In the early days it was steel, but they were one of the first facilities embrace carbon fiber.

Over the last handful of years, they've taken that lifetime of experience, knowledge, and expertise, and shifted their focus to building their own brand with a complete line up purpose built models. All hand crafted in Italy, perfectly tailored to each and every rider.

Ordering Process

Whether you’re already set on a certain make and model of frame, or still have some questions about how to go about your build, drop us a line and we can talk through your options. From paint to the perfect components to match, we'll help you dial in the perfect set up for your next dream bike.

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