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Q36.5 L1 Dottore Bib Short - Men

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The Q36.5 L1 Dottore Bib Short - Men

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Above Category has always carried a healthy dose of skepticism with new products, and even when a trusted brand like Q36.5 rolls out something as monumental as a new flagship bibshort, we approach it with a grain of salt.

Fortunately, our skepticism is usually ill-founded when it comes to our partner brands, and that held true with the Q36.5 Dottore bib. Using the same graduated compression principle as the former king of the heap (The L1 Essential Bib), it doubles up on the varying compression densities in the proprietary woven fabric, going to eight instead of four, allowing the mad scientists at Q36.5 to pinpoint the fit and ergogenic benefits of the bibshort with an even more tailored, compressive feel.

Made from a thinner fabric than the Essential, the Dottore uses a laser-cut gripper instead of the traditionally hemmed-in polyamide, and the result is a seamless transition from leg to bib with minimal muffintopping. But even with a slender, loose-feeling profile, it's actually the highest-density part of the bib when it comes to compression, keeping the short from sliding around, and keeping everything in its place. It uses the same tubular bibstraps we've seen on all of the Q36.5 line that feel tight when standing, but vanish on the bike. With no forward-facing seams, the Dottore is the most aerodynamic bibshort from Q, and in the black colorway is entirely black, right down to the logo, making it ideal to pair with any brand of jersey. The Dottore also uses a proprietary Q36.5-designed Cytech chamois, the same as in the L1 Essential and Miles Gregarius bibs.

Like the L1 Essential bibshort, the Dottore is made of a Q36.5-developed woven fabric (most other bibs are made from a knit), and it will break into the user after 3-4 uses/rides. The first spin in the bibs will likely feel a bit on the constrictive side.


    • 100% Made in Italy
    • Material: 62% Polyamide 6.6, 35% Elastane, 2% Silver, 1% Carbon Fibre (PAC)
    • Weight: 160 g
    • Minimal tubular bib strap construction 
    • Lumbar support panel
    • Chamois by Elastic Interface

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