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Hammerhead Karoo 2.0 Bike Computer

Hammerhead Karoo 2
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The Hammerhead Karoo 2.0 Bike Computer

A full color, fully responsive touchscreen display. Advanced mapping, with return home and instant rerouting. Class-leading connectivity. And 12 hours of battery life. Welcome to the future of bike computers. Read More

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Hammerhead Karoo 2


At some point, bike computers went the wrong way. They got small - too small - hard to read, hard to use, and more often than not, totally stressed you out when it came to creating or sharing a route. In other words, they took away from the experience of cycling.

The Hammerhead Karoo 2 bike computer is refreshingly different. It’s easy to use - really easy to use. It makes nice with routes. It can get you home at the rush of a button. It reroutes on the fly and shows you interesting POIs along the way. In other words, it adds to the cycling experience. And for those of us who don’t want to spend long minutes outside the cafe holding up the group ride or stuck in the middle of a field while we wait for our device to connect, the Hammerhead Karoo 2 is a revelation.

We’ll have a long ride review coming up soon, but for now, drop us a line if you have any questions. Or shop it right here and try it out right now. The road awaits.


  • Size (H x W x L): 100.6mm, 60.8mm, 19.3mm
  • Weight: 131 grams
  • Hammerhead Mount weight: 36 grams
  • System weight: 167 grams
  • Screen: Dragontrail™ Glass panel with Acid Etched matte finish
  • Responsive touchscreen, with droplet rejection
  • High resolution 3.2” display panel with 16.7 million colors supported
  • Body: Water and dust proof to IP67 rating
  • Waterproof SIM card cover
  • Battery: 12 hours of ride time
  • USB-C with fast charging
  • Waterproof USB-C port
  • Connectivity: BT 4.0, WIFI, ANT+, GNSS, Cellular
  • Sensors: High-sensitivity barometer and ambient temperature sensors
  • 3-axis accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope
  • Beeper
  • Ecosystem support: Hammerhead account
  • Strava Live Segments
  • TrainingPeaks
  • Upload activity to 3rd party services
  • Sensor Support: Shimano Di2 support
  • SRAM eTap support
  • Campagnolo EPS support
  • Standard ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart sensor support
  • Varia Radar support, Smartphone support
  • Routes: Easily create routes, add POIs, sync to other services - the works 
  • Navigation: Highest quality, detailed cycling maps 
  • Instant rerouting
  • Route elevation
  • Return home
  • Highest quality turn-by-turn navigation
  • Cycling-specific POIs

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