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Pinarello Grevil

When Pinarello decided to make a gravel bike, they went all in. While it does draw style queues from it's Dogma sibling, the Grevil is one of the most unique gravel rides out there. It's got massive tire clearance, but of course that's what you expect in this day and age. Uncharacteristic for Pinarello though, is it's notably slack head tube and long wheel base. More so than any other gravel bike we've seen, that gives this Pinarello incredibly stability when bombing fire roads at high speed. It's reminiscent to a downhill mountain bike, feeling better and better the harder and faster you push it. To our surprise, it also really helps the bike maintain traction on and steep, loose climbs. While it is slack and it is stable, it's certainly not slow. Like a Dogma, it's plenty stiff so you can rest assured that when you step on the pedals, it's ready to go. So if you've yet to feel satisfied by the crop of other bikes out there, copycatting each other's geo charts, the Grevil might just be the perfect off-road rig for you.
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