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Effetto Mariposa Giustaforza II 2-16 Pro Deluxe Torque Wrench with Bits and Wrap

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The Effetto Mariposa Giustaforza II 2-16 Pro Deluxe Torque Wrench with Bits and Wrap

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The torque wrench is an essential piece of kit for every cyclist, and the Giustaforza torque wrench from Effetto Mariposa is our favorite. Besides being a beautiful tool, it’s incredibly accurate and will reliably torque to within +-4% of your target goal for over 5000 clicks before recalibration is required.

There are so many parts on the bicycle that require precise torquing. But if your whip sports any particularly exotic components, a reliable wrench is not so much a nice-to-have as a necessity. The Giustaforza wrench makes it fun to tweak your rig regularly- no torque sweats required. Plus, precise torquing is the surest way we know to ride with confidence in your components and the mechanical health of your bike.

Giustaforza’s gets our vote.



  • Deluxe version: Includes wrench, cycle-specific bits and tool wrap
  • A precision torque wrench for sensitive components 
  • Hard-anodized aluminum body with laser-etched detailing
  • No plastic parts
  • No electronics or batteries
  • Extremely shock tolerant
  • Reversible ratcheting head
  • Made in Italy 
  • Bits
  • 10x25mm (HEX2, HEX2.5, HEX3, HEX6, T10, T15, T20, T30, -3/16, +PH1)
  • 3x100mm (HEX4, HEX5, T25)
  • 1x100mm (extension)
  • Use
  • All bits are manufactured from S2 special steel, with very high (62 Hrc) surface hardness, to ensure maximum durability.
  • +-4% tolerance (guaranteed for 5000 cycles (5000 ‘clicks’), before re-calibration required
  • Weight: sub-200g 
  • Overall length: 170mm 
  • Torque range: 2 up to 16 Nm

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