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So far it’s a solo ride.

OSTT - Course Preview

Derek Yarra |

The climb from Highway One up Bo-Fax road is one of the most legendary ascents in all of Marin. Known for its relatively steady pitch, numerous curves, hairpins, and breathtaking ocean and forest views, Bo-Fax is a regular haunt for local lemmings and required riding for visiting cyclists. All of which makes it the perfect locale for our Officially Serious TT. Those in the know have the advantage for now, but if you're new to the area, keep reading for extra details about the day, helpful notes, and more information on the route.

OSTT warm up


The post-ride festivities will all be going down at Stinson Beach, so we suggest you park and start there if you're driving. Once on the bike, an easy spin north on Highway 1 along the Bolinas Lagoon will bring you to the foot of the climb. From the beach to the start line, it's a 4.5-mile flat and smooth cruise, making it a great opportunity to ready the legs for your imminent effort. Just don't be late! Turning east onto Bolinas-Fairfax Road, you'll find the official Bike Monkey starting gate on the right side of the road.


You're checked in, warmed up and the rider in front of you has departed. It's time to get to the gate. Select the right gear, clip one foot in, and await the final countdown. And you're off!

ostt start


After the first few hundred feet, the pitch starts to kick up. As you approach the first turn, the climb is underway. Find a rhythm and follow your groove - four miles and 1,500 feet of elevation at an average grade of 7% will bring you to the top. As you ascend, stunning sea views flash and pass between the deepening green of ever-thickening trees. Hitting the final half-mile is when the heat turns on. Through corner after corner, the finish line gets ever closer until finally the end is in sight. Dig deep and empty the tank - every second counts.

ostt climb images


Chapeau! Take a breath; you've earned it. From the top, there are two ways back to the afterparty. Either flip it around and ride back the way you came, cheering on fellow riders as you cruise back down. Or, if you're feeling the need to get more climbing in, you can head south on Ridgecrest over the Seven Sisters before descending Panoramic to Fritz's in Stinson Beach and the scene of the post-suffer festivities.

ostt finish line

According to Strava, the fastest time up the climb is a svelte 17 minutes and 3 seconds (set by none other than local pro Peter Stetina). Are you ready to see where your legs stack up? Until then, you can take the visual journal up the climb via the gallery below

Register now, and we'll see on race day!

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