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Sneak peak at the new Fall/Winter Assos clothing

Anthony Little |

Here is a quick look at part of the new fall/winter line from Assos that we’ll have stocked the beginning of next September. The great thing about Assos is that they make such high quality and high performing clothing that they don’t come out with new clothing every year. For example the current rain jacket has been around for longer than I can remember. Same with the leg and arm warmers. So when Assos does come out with something new, it’s worth taking a second look.
Last year Assos made some changes to a few pieces of their fall/winter line and added a few new items. Mainly the tights and knickers were totally revamped and we can tell you from many thousands of miles so far that they are amazing. The fit is super ergonomic and they do what they are supposed to, keep the cyclist comfortable in adverse weather.
That being said, here is what’s new for next fall/winter…


Here is the brand new top of the range rain jacket from Assos. It’s called the rS.sturmPrinz but you can keep it simple and just ask for the best rain jacket ever made. This is the kind of jacket that you grab when it’s pouring out before you get on the bike and you know it’ll be pouring hours into the ride as well. It’s kind of like the new Habu jacket in that it’s not really meant to stow. Pick the appropriate base layer, your favorite long sleeve jersey, put this on top and ride. These will not be cheap but then the best rarely is.


The back of the sturmPrinz. This flap you see here is not a pocket but serves two purposes. One is to offer extra ventilation and the other is to offer access to the jersey pockets underneath. No more pulling the jacket halfway up your back to grab your ham and cheese sandwich!

And then there is this guy. The Assos climaSchutz. This is a very re-worked version of the current climaJet jacket. We have a feeling that this will be our best selling rain jacket next year hands down. This is meant to be more of a stow-able rain jacket. It will come in a vest version as well.

Another look at the sJ.climaSchutz

Again, like the rS.sturmPrinz, the sJ.climaSchutz allows easy access to jersey pockets.

More vents on the side and under arm…

the Assos rainBootie S7. We are very much looking forward to these. We know a few guys who have been testing these for over a year and the feedback is great news to our ears. They have a tighter cuff on the top of the booty to keep water from running down the leg and into the shoes. They seem to be very durable if you keep walking around to a minimum of course. They will come in 3 sizes.

The rain cap





These are called the hK.sturmNuss which is Assos speak for rain half knickers or in English, rain proof knickers w/out bibs. These will be excellent for commuters or guys and gals that ride day in day out in cold, rainy conditions. I’m not exactly sure why Assos went knicker instead of a full pant but when you see the new rain booties it shouldn’t be a big deal as no water will be getting in your shoes. If it was really cold I’d wear a pair of tights underneath instead of shorts.


The LL.fugu S5 bib tights. If you ride in Antarctica these are your tights. Meant to pair with the Fugu jacket, these are the warmest looking bib tights we have ever seen. Not really made for Northern California so we’ll have to take a riding trip somewhere frigid just to get the chance to ride in them! We’ll have them in stock but in limited numbers, so if you want a pair, get in touch with us now. Assos won’t be bringing many into the states the first year…

Another look at the LL.fugu tight. We’ll have more pictures when we get out to Switzerland again next month.




This is the all new Assos iJH.tiburu.4 long sleeve jersey. Comes in black (shown), white and red. This will be more of a racing cut jersey and should fit snugly. Pretty bold in the design but we like it for sure. If you prefer simple graphics (like none) they will still have the Intermediate Evo Jersey.


The back of the iJ.tiburu jersey.

The iJ.bonka.6 jacket. Think of this as an updated AirJack. It will come in Black, White, Red (shown), Blue Calypso and Yellow Volt.

Back of the iJ.bonka.6 jacket. 3 BIG pockets plus a large zippered pocket.




We didn’t get enough shots of these but Assos has fully redone their arm, leg and knee warmers including the UV protector line. They are all (excluding the uv protect line) are made with the new Quantum Roubaix material that is used on this years bib tights and knickers. So much more ergonomic than before and very comfortable.





Interesting? Yes, these are called fuguSpeer. They are heavy socks with airblock protection. Who doesn’t want warm feet? They will come in 3 sizes.


The new Assos winterBootie S7. In black and white (shown) and 3 sizes.

These are the Assos fuguBootie. Hardcore, cold and wet bootie. In person these looked amazing, more thought put into a bootie than we’ve ever seen ever before…

The new Assos earlyWinterGloves S7. Again, they feel warm without being bulky. Two colors, black and white (shown). XXS-XLG

This is only a part of what’s new. There are new winter hats, more gloves, snow booties, womens tights w/ the new material and S5 chamois. More socks as well. It’s been a while since Assos has really gone over their line and we are really looking forward to it. If you have any questions or want to reserve something contact us at the shop!