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On pins sans-needles: Q36.5's L1 Pinstripe Summer Jersey

Anthony Little |

Q36.5's L1 Summer Jersey has been our jersey staple since we brought the line stateside in 2013. Three years in, we see its first update in the form of a new pinstripe edition, available in two stark colorways: Black and white. However, the pinstripe modification goes beyond simple aesthetics, adding silver thread to the same familiar L1 fabric and cut - not quite race, but not quite club, with an added element of conductivity and ventilation not before seen in the unique L1 Jersey. Microperforations add breathability to the piece, while vertical silver thread improves thermal transfer to the surface of the jersey. Is it incredibly different? The answer, decidedly no. Is it an addition worthy of Q36.5's already clearly defined purpose? Definitively yes.


The silver-threaded jersey is a continuation of the unique vision the initial L1 Summer Jersey brought us. A different approach to the warm-weather top, one that eschewed the superlight, semi-disposable fabrics we're so accustomed to handling and dealing with when it comes to jerseys designed for hot weather. The addition builds on the L1 Jersey's already stellar reputation as an extremely versatile piece. It lives up to the brand's calling card - the ability to regulate temperature to the human body's ideal stasis - 36.5 degrees Celsius. While still thermally comfortable in warmer climes, the L1 Pinstripe Jersey plays double-duty, its incredibly elastic fabric keeping winds that can easily chill and burn valuable kilojoules on descents at bay. As airy and free as other brands' climbing tops? Not quite. But unzip the L1 Jersey, find freedom, and then zip up for the long descent without freezing. It is the best of both worlds in an extremely light, 120g package.


The L1 Pinstripe Summer Jersey addition is available in black or white, with the standard L1 Summer Jersey retaining the familiar blue, green, persimmon, Hawaii, and black colors.


See the new Q36.5 L1 Pinstripe Summer Jersey in our online store here, and as always, feel free to email us at with any questions or comments.