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So far it’s a solo ride.


Anthony Little |

Lately we've been putting a lot of Pegoretti pictures up here. Obviously we love Pegorettis. But there's a bike we come back to time and time again that hasn't had its fair share of praise. Chad's ridden this Moots for thousands of miles, through all kinds of weather, in races, in training, and even to get groceries. People come into the shop and see all these Princes and Responsoriums and Z1's and they say "jeeze, Chad, how do you decide what to ride?" And even with this mind-bogglingly beautiful array of bikes, most often it's the Moots compact that Chad picks. The titanium is timeless. It's bomb-proof. It's quiet, comfortable, fast, understated, won't rust, won't corrode, it's light. It's a bike that is completely unfazed by hype and glam because it is plainly and simply an amazing bicycle.