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So far it’s a solo ride.

Bloggers Block

Anthony Little |

I’ve been suffering from a bit of writers block, or bloggers block if you will as I am not much of a writer (not much of a blogger as of late either)!  Normal excuses; been super busy, making changes to the business, holidays, etc…

The one excuse that I’d like to use but honestly can’t is that I’ve been riding too much.  That has suffered as of late as well.  But I’m happy to say that all of that is changing.  All those changes to the business are close to complete (in my head at least), the big winter holidays are well past us, I’m getting caught up with projects at work and I’m finally getting the miles in.  It’s not like I have not been riding at all, just not with any consistency.  A little while ago I ditched the power meter, took off the heart rate strap and unplugged from Strava.  A few weeks later and the only thing to make it back on the bike is the Garmin and Strava, that seems to be a hard habit to break, but while I’m happy to not be looking at numbers during the ride, looking at the ride a for a second time when it’s over is still too much fun.

Anyhow, to break the writers block that I opened up with I decided to post something, anything really, to get me going again.  So I thought I’d keep it easy and post a few pictures from this mornings ride and get you all up to speed on a few things that we have going on.

Starting with the above picture we have our (my) Baum Ristretto.  We’ve been testing quite a few bikes over the past few months and I am so happy to be back on what I feel is one of the best bikes I’ve ever ridden.  One of our new projects is to designate a few long term bikes that each of us here will be putting the majority of our miles on.  For me, it will be the Baum Ristretto and Corretto (when I finally get the new 9070 on it) with some time on a couple other bikes as well.  We’ll be documenting miles ridden (thanks to Strava) and any work and changes we make to the bikes and how we feel that changed the ride for the better or worse all in an attempt to help all of our customers make better, more informed decisions.  Fun times for sure…

We’ll be posting updates here as we make those changes so keep coming back to see what Tony, Peter and myself will be messing around with on the bike!

We’ve also been busy building some absolutely gorgeous bikes while I’ve been away from writing here.  I’ll be keeping busy getting the build pictures and details up over the next couple months as well.  Keep and eye out for that, there are some sweet Baums, Parlee’s, Pegoretti’s Pinarello’s and Mosaics along with a few other surprises thrown in.

Another big news worthy item is that we have a full time mechanic in now!  We’ll introduce Peter soon, but this is a big reason that I’ll have a bit more time to work on other parts of Above Category that have been neglected for the past year.  More fun stuff!

That’s it for now, the good stuff is coming up soon…