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So far it’s a solo ride.

A Beautiful Pegoretti Trio

Anthony Little |

Everybody out there has dreams. For many, owning a bicycle built by the hands of Dario Pegoretti ranks high on that list of dreams. There are some out there lucky enough to have those dreams come true, but in this case the dream was not just to own one but three. Here at Above Category, we feel lucky just being able to help bring this dream to fruition.


Yep, those are three beautiful Pegoretti’s for one lucky owner. Let’s take a closer look.


The first package to arrive from Italy was the Marcello in the “Panels” paint. This is as classy as it gets. While it may seem a bit conservative for a Peg’, the black on white has got to be one of the most elegant finishes we’ve seen.


About a week later two more boxes came in, both holding something a bit more eye catching.


Those familiar with their Mid-Century design might recognize this presumably Nelson inspired jacks graphics. The orange perfectly contrasts the black to pop in a truly amazing way.


It’s easy to be polarized by this incredible paint job but the details in the frame itself deserve plenty attention in their own right. The internal bridges throughout the down tube and the absolutely massive chainstays are something you definitely do not see everyday.

Finally we got to the last box and it did not disappoint! Within was a Responsorium in all of its stainless steel glory. Dario’s “Catch the Spider” is one of his most popular and this red and white iteration is definitely one of our favorites.



Being a Pegoretti dealer does have his drawbacks. The biggest being that we constantly have to let these things go right back out the door! As sad as we are to see them go, we can’t wait for the reports on how they’re doing out there on the road. For now we’ll be dreaming about the next one to come through the door!