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So far it’s a solo ride.

Gallery: A Blissfully Simple Mosaic RT-2

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Frame: Mosaic RT-2

Cockpit: Fizik/3T

Saddle: Fizik R1 Vs Evo

Drivetrain: Campagnolo Record Mechanical

Wheels: Campagnolo Bora 60 WTO / Custom Mavic Open Pro to White Ind T11

Tires: Continental GP5000 / Mavic Yksion Pro


For a detailed run down of the build, head to the Bike of the Week journal post here.


mosaic RT2 luddite bike profile studio

mosaic rt-2 studio front angle

mosaic rt-2 fizik post saddle

mosaic rt-2 head on studio

mosaic rt-2 headtube

mosaic rt-2 headtube horizontal

mosaic rt-2 record crank campagnolo

mosaic rt-2 campagnolo record rear derailleur studio

mosaic rt-2 downtube luddite bike

mosaic rt-2 headbadge studio

mosaic rt-2 white industries headset

mosiac rt-2 luddite bike campagnolo bora 60 wto

mosaic rt-2 headtube headset white indistries

mosaic rt-2 campagnolo record rim brake

mosaic rt-2 downtube silca bottle cage

mosaic rt-2 silca bottle cage red bolts

dropout mosaic rt-2

mosaic rt-2 campagnolo record crank arm

mosaic rt-2 mechanical record lever

mosaic rt-2 3t stem fizik handlebar

mosaic rt-2 campagnolo cables fizik 3t

 Mosaic RT-2 back angle studio campagnolo record

mosaic rt-2 profile on wall

mosaic rt-2 mavic open pro yksion

mosaic rt-2 rear derailleur

mosiac rt-2 white industries t11 front hubmosaic rt-2 white industries t11 rear hub

mosaic rt-2 campagnolo record crank

mosaic rt-2 luddite bike front end on wall

mosaic rt-2 luddite bike seat cluster

mosaic rt-2 mavic rear wheel

mosaic rt-2 luddite baaw deck


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